Monday, March 29, 2010

Where I work

Today I'm offering you a lazy post; I'm busy with taxes and spring cleaning. My wish for you is if you have to file taxes and clean for spring you've already finished. I love that feeling when I sit down and look around and feel proud of my work. Not: How does this place get so dusty? What's that on the floor? These windows are filty!

So I will show you where I work. I love my job, and I love the campus. I feel so fortunate to like what I do and where I do it.

P.S. Do you like what you do?


powdergirl said...

I LOVED what I did! Took a bit out of me in the end though : )

haha, why do I have "Kentucky Woman' running through my head?

Yes, the feeling of a job well-done is a great feeling indeed.

paperbatty said...

And now you are a superhero, champion of the downtrodden!

ackstay said...

It's lovely. I've never been to a college campus I didn't love.

Leslie Hanna said...

I love college campuses that are green and not all high-rises. So pretty.

And yes, I like what I do, but I'd retire tomorrow if I could afford to.